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What are the rules?

Dressage Rulebook, USEF Learning Center & USEF Network Have you wondered what bits are legal for showing at recognized dressage shows? Do you want to know if your spurs are too long, if your noseband is too tight, or if your whip is allowed in competition? Do you just want to know how the movements in a test should be ridden or how they are judged?

All these answers can be found in the complete dressage rulebook on the USEF website: And… just in case you are having trouble sleeping at night, you can read the Complete USEF Rulebook: The USEF website has many resources to utilize. The Learning Center has a vast library of video lessons and tips on horse care from a variety of disciplines including dressage: The USEF Network has livestream and on demand video of USEF competitions as well as USEF News Articles:


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