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2020 Adult Amateur Clinic with Kathleen Raine

Taylor Saunders represented the Central Valley CDS Chapter at the AA Clinic this year. If you would like to be eligible to ride in the clinic next year you must volunteer four hours or more for our chapter and/or our chapter's activities. Read Taylor's experience below.

I would like to thank CDS for putting on an amazing AA clinic despite the challenges this year has brought us with COVID and several wildfires that have affected our communities. I am very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to represent the Central Valley CDS Chapter this year. This was my first time participating in an AA clinic and I was blown away by how much I learned by watching, listening, and riding.

Ellen Corob did an exceptional job organizing everything and allowing the weekend to run smoothly. I left the clinic feeling much more confident in myself and in my horse and really feeling like we can be successful at third level this coming year. I was really impressed with the group of horses and riders that participated in the clinic. We had a unique mix of horse breeds, levels of training, and every single horse improved over the weekend. I met an amazing group of riders and everyone seemed very pleased with their rides and the outcome of the clinic.

Kathleen did an amazing job establishing a supple foundation with each horse and building on each exercise with the same mentality that the horse must be supple and reactive to the rider's aids. Even though each horse and rider were at different levels, the same exercises were used to build this foundation and then add to it depending on the pair's level. As a result, my mare felt rounder, softer, and more collected because of these exercises. Thank you Templeton Farms for hosting at your beautiful and immaculate facility. Thank you again to CDS for providing this educational opportunity to our AA riders, thank you Ellen for organizing, and thank you Kathleen for helping me and my mare Bella achieve a more supple connection and collection. 

Taylor Saunders

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