Results & Awards


2021 Central Valley CDS Schooling Show Series Highpoint Award

We have a brand new award for this year's schooling shows!

How can you win?
1. Become a Central Valley CDS Member.
2. Compete in at least 2 out of 3 of our schooling shows.
3. All qualified scores must be with the same horse and rider combination and from the same level.
4. Highest average score will win Highpoint.
5. Second highest average score will win Reserve Highpoint.
What will you win?
1. Highpoint will win an awesome, undisclosed award AND two free classes at a 2022 schooling show.
2. Reserve Highpoint will also win a rad, undisclosed award AND one free class at a 2022 schooling show.
Save the dates for all three schooling shows this year:
1. Spring Fling Schooling Show - May 1st
2. Halloween Schooling Show - October 16th
3. Toys-4-Tots Schooling Show - December 4th