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Turkey Trot Educational Clinic

Fresno CDS held an educational event at the Willows in Clovis, California on Sunday, November 19th. The Turkey Trot Clinic featured riders from Introductory level through fourth level. Dressage Tests were analyzed from three perspectives- the rider, the trainer, and the judge. Demonstration riders received feedback from a dressage judge and instruction from a trainer in order to improve their dressage scores at future shows. Auditors had the opportunity to observe thirteen horse and rider combinations as well as instruction from four different trainers and a dressage judge. Piet Ogata, Lucinda Striker, Aniah Sweeney, and Leslie Hagberg provided instruction to their students and a trainer’s perspective. Melissa Creswick provided insights from both a judge’s point of view and a trainer’s point of view. Trish, Clara, and Freya demonstrated introductory level riding. Penne, Miko, and Maite demonstrated training level riding. Debbie, Sara, and Bethany rode first level. Freya and Aniah rode second level tests. Lucinda rode a third level test and Leslie rode a fourth level test. This fun and educational event was a fundraiser for the Fresno CDS Chapter and will help fund future educational events and shows. The Fresno CDS Chapter wishes to thank everyone who gave their time to make this event a success.

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