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Fresno CDS 2017 Holiday Party

Clara Moehlman hosted the Annual Fresno CDS Christmas Party at her beautiful home on Saturday, December 16, 2017.  A crowd of forty-two members and their guests enjoyed an evening of socializing and food. The group dined on plenty of appetizers, a catered dinner, and lots of dessert.

The award for the Fresno CDS Highpoint Show Series was presented to Taylor Saunders by Craig Stanley, Fresno CDS Show Manager and John Marshall, owner of Fresno County Horse Park.  She received a championship ribbon from Fresno CDS and a leather halter from Fresno County Horse Park. Debbie Cervenka was presented with the Fresno CDS Reserve Highpoint Award. Congratulations ladies!

Clara Moehlman was recognized as Fresno CDS Volunteer of the Year. Taylor Saunders and Marge Young were also recognized for their work on communications and the news blog. Marily Reese was selected to attend the CDS Central Adult Amateur Clinic to be held in Paso Robles. Trish Sanchez was selected as an alternate.

Outgoing chairman, Cindy Bergmann, introduced 2018 Fresno CDS Board members Melissa Creswick- chairman, Marge Young- secretary, Donna Nelson- treasurer, Craig Stanley- show manager, Aniah Sweeny- activities chairman, Debbie Cervenka- volunteer coordinator, and Taylor Saunders- communications.

Everyone attending brought products representing the bounty of the Central Valley for the basket to be auctioned at the annual CDS meeting.

The party provided a great way to get together to celebrate the conclusion of a successful year for the club and its members as well as a rare opportunity to see all the non-horse spouses. Unquestionably, a good time was had by all!

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