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Cavaletti Clinic

Cinco de Mayo proved to be a beautiful day for our Fresno CDS Cavaletti Clinic, with Gary Striker. We had a brave and talented group of horses and riders, of all disciplines.  Lucinda Striker did an amazing job of grouping our riders, 3 per lesson, to complement their riding styles and skill level.  Gary was able to tailor each lesson for the group of horses and riders.  The dressage horses were given a great introduction to cavalettis, and all of them seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery!  Even some of the youngsters who were feeling fresh in the beginning,  settled down quickly and really tried their best to do what was asked of them.  For the more advanced jumping and eventing horses, Gary focused on pace, control and rideability, with his intricately designed “cavaletti courses”.  Even the auditors were given lots of good information to take home with them, so they can practice some of the exercises on their own horses.  Thank you again to the Strikers for offering their time and facility for such a great clinic, and for donating half of the lesson fee back to the Fresno CDS.  And thank you to Cindy Bergmann for the Cinco de Mayo snacks that were provided. 

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