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Annual Christmas Party

The Annual Fresno CDS Christmas Party was hosted by Clara Moehlman at her home on Saturday, December 17, 2016. Members and guests enjoyed a delicious dinner and an evening of socializing. Awards for the Fresno CDS Highpoint Show Series were presented to champion, Stephanie Gunter, and reserve champions, Aniah Sweeny and Taylor Saunders.

Donna Nelson was recognized as volunteer of the year.  Suzie Satragni was selected to attend the CDS Central adult amateur clinic. Outgoing officers Cindy Bergmann, Cindi Mellor, Clara Moehlman, Donna Nelson, Leslie Hagberg, and Miko Yamazaki were recognized for their work throughout the year. Incoming 2017 Fresno CDS board members Cindy Bergmann, Suzie Satragni, Donna Nelson, Craig Stanley, Carol Calderwood, Debbie Cervanka, and Taylor Saunders were introduced.

Unquestionably, a good time was had by all.


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