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2018 Fresno CDS Awards Dinner

Fresno CDS riders celebrated their 2017 riding achievements at the annual Fresno CDS Chapter Awards Dinner held at Cattlemen’s Restaurant in Selma on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Chapter members and their guests enjoyed dinner, a slide show, and an awards presentation. Riders were recognized with an engraved plate for achieving scores over 60% at CDS recognized shows. The plates were engraved with the horse’s name as well as the number of scores earned over 60%. Additionally, scores over 70% were recognized by a star and scores over 80% were distinguished by a diamond. Forty members and guests made reservations for the dinner. Caitlin Hamar did a fantastic job of putting the slideshow together and Aniah Sweeny did a wonderful job of presenting the awards. The evening concluded with members enjoying cake and lots of good company. Below you can view a list of the winners and a slideshow of the recipents and their horses.

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