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2016 Awards Banquet

Fresno CDS members were recognized for their 2016 riding achievements at an awards dinner Tuesday evening, April 18, at Cattlemen’s Restaurant in Selma. Carole Calderwood organized a fantastic dinner and designed a very professional slideshow set to music featuring 2016 Fresno CDS award winners.

Click here to see the list of 2016 award winners.

Members receiving a score of 60% or higher at a CDS recognized show received a plate engraved with their horse’s name, level competed, and the number of scores received over 60%.  An asterisk signified scores of 70% or higher and a diamond signified scores of 80% or higher.

With the 2017 show season well under way, Fresno CDS members can look forward to another successful year. A schedule of CDS recognized shows can be found on the California Dressage Society website located here

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